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New: the 2012 Peace Walk

The 2012 Children of Abraham Peace Walk was held on Septmber 11, 2012. Recognizing the  solidarity that arises after any disaster, the Walk included a visit to a Church that was hit by lightening this summer, and severely damaged; as well as to a local Firehouse. Thanks all who attended!


MANY THANKS to all who participated in last year’s very meaningful and successful Children of Abraham Peace Walk. The following description is from Reverend Tom Martinez, who is also the photogapher responsible for these fine images.

In addition, a second account of the event can be found here: Shatzky Article Huff Post. Video links can be found on the column to your right!

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Rev. Tom Martinez, All Souls Bethlehem Church

A crowd of over two hundred made up of Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of good will gathered at the Dawood Mosque (143 State St.) in Brooklyn for the 8th annual Children of Abraham Peace Walk. Normally the walk is held in June on “Brooklyn Queens Day” because of the school holiday. But this year the organizers decided to hold the walk on September 11th, hoping the event would provide participants with a meaningful way to spend the day (i.e., walking together in a spirit of peace).

Walk organizer Rabbi Ellen Lippmann gave the opening remarks, followed by The President of the Arab American Association of New York, Dr. Jabber, who gave a welcome on behalf of the mosque. He was followed by Borough President Marty Moskowitz, NYC Comptroller John Lui, and New York City Councilman Brad Lander. Well known activist and educator Debbie Almontaser concluded the opening ceremonies and the walk began.

The diverse nature of the participants was reflected in the route. Beginning at the mosque, the crowd proceeded north along Clinton Street to Remsen, where they visited the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue and Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church. After having visited Muslim, Jewish and Christian houses of worship, the walk proceeded to FDNY Engine Co. 205 on Middagh St., near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Children presented dozens of hand-painted cards they had prepared for the firefighters, a project coordinated by the Muslim Consultative Network. Then Alex Pobiner, a member of All Souls Bethlehem Church, gave the firefighters a gift basket on behalf of the Peace Walk. The basket was given both in acknowledgement of the 8 firefighters the company lost on September 11, 2001, and as an expression of appreciation for the dangerous nature of their everyday work.

Then it was up and over the Brooklyn Bridge, roughly two hundred people walking together for peace. The orderly procession then wound its way through the streets of Manhattan to Charlotte’s Place, a new community center funded by Trinity Wall Street Church. Located at 109 Greenwich Street, the center provides air-conditioned community space with free wi-fi and computers for anyone needing a place to rest. They also offer many activities for the public, such as mediation classes and crafts for children. The center recently collaborated with local artist Muriel Stockdale, who coordinated the “OUT OF MANY, ONE.”

That project consisted of people outlining and making paper cut-outs of their hands and then placing them on a colorful mural, which was unveiled on 9/11. The mural formed the backdrop for the closing ceremonies of the Peace Walk, with some images blending the arms and hands of the speakers with the hands on the mural, reminding us all that out of many different backgrounds, New Yorkers truly are one.